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PlayStation 3

Radical Entertainment / Activision

Release: Jun 9, 2009 »

Also on: X360 PC XONE PS4

Franchise: Prototype

BLUS30145-DATA-A Save Game File
Status : Unlocked All Upgrades, Normal+ Mode Unlocked.

Cara install :
  • Download save game file sesuai region, Unrar
  • Simpan pada  USB flash drive fat 32 pada folder "PS3" » "SAVEDATA"
  • Pada PS3 pilih  Savedata Utility » USB Device » Copy Savedata dengan menekan Δ
  • Kemudian Copy ( Jika sudah ada, Savedata maka akan di timpa ) 
  • Selesai

How to install :
  • Download save game file on your region, Unrar
  • Save to USB flash drive fat 31 to folder "PS3" » "SAVEDATA"
  • Turn on your PS3 and go to Savedata Utility » USB Device » Copy Savedata by pressing Δ
  • Then Copy ( If it already exists, Savedata will be overwrite )
  • Done

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